9. Apr, 2018


THE British National Party is now in the same state of health as the Monty Python parrot

Although it had been dying on its perch for quite some time, the death rattle came on Friday morning when it was announced that its last councillor in office would not be standing for re-election. The BNP is extinct. It is no more.

Well I remember my shock and revulsion back in 1993 when their first councillor was elected, to their peak year in 2006 with 33 councillors and strong showings in over 80 other wards. Sure that their time had come, this ill managed party promulgated its racist message of hate across the land….
“Ideology: Euroscepticism, White nationalism, Ethnic nationalism, Right-wing populism, Ultranationalism, British Fascism
Political position: Far-right politics”
[Source BNP website]
Before we are told that the BNP’s demise was due to some left wing elitist plot…. It was not! Ordinary people campaigned against the BNP in elections the length and breadth of Britain, working with local parties, trade unions, faith leaders, the Mirror, and others. Lots of our work was crowd funded from tens of thousands of supporters. An incredible number of leaflets and newspapers were got out in the campaigns. All in all, it was a truly grassroots effort by ordinary people repelled by racism.

We can take real pride in what everyone did to take the BNP from hundreds of thousands of votes and dozens of councillors to today, fading away with the announcement that their last councillor isn't even standing again.

HOWEVER, it is truly a case of “one down, more to follow.” The far right is still alive under its stone and is ready to crawl out onto the streets and spread its pernicious lies on the internet.

When you see articles hiding under the Union Flag and from, for example, “Britain First,” “English Defence League” etc., remember the words of Dr. Johnson, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” and your ABC….

Having written this article, I stopped and paused. Could hundreds and thousands of Britons have been so stupid and ignorant of their own national history, as to vote for a party whose core beliefs were “White nationalism, Ethnic nationalism, Right-wing populism, Ultra-nationalism, British Fascism with a political position so far to the right traditional politics?”

What do these “patriots” imagine the Second World War to have been all about? National survival certainly but above all to eradicate such beliefs as those of the BNP that led to the mass murder of 6 million people perceived as being different from “everybody else”?