18. Nov, 2017


In an attempt to stir it up, an acquaintance of mine once went to a Labour Party branch meeting wearing a badge which read "NUKE THE WHALES!"

POTUS Trump has outdone him. By increasing the ease of importing hunting trophies into the USA he could address the World Wildlife Fund also wearing a badge, "SHOOT THE ELEPHANTS!" except this guy is for real.

I am not personally gushy over pet animals, for example unlike an owner I don't spell "dog" backwards but I do have enormous respect for creatures in the wild and the need to preserve bio-diversity.

This blog, however, is not about two-leggeds using multi, or even no-leggeds for companionship but for "sport."

Over time we have developed many means of killing them for our own gratification...stabbing, hounding, fishing, coursing, training them to kill other species as well as their own and especially shooting.

This brings us back to Trump's latest attempt to offend as many people as possible by allowing "big game hunters" to bring home bits they cut off the animals they kill for fun.

Among their number are Trump's two sons Donald Jr and Eric, both having been photographed systematically slaughtering the wildlife of Africa including an elephant, a buffalo and a leopard.

However let's leave Donald Jr and Eric nailing their tawdry trophies up on their livingroom walls back in Hogsnout USA and see what it is that motivates such people.

Many would argue that anyone who buys a gun to shoot an animal not out of necessity but for fun has a serious personality disorder...bloodlust.

If as some hunters claim, it is not the killing but the thrill of the chase then why not buy a camera with a good lens and shoot their prey in pixels rather than with live rounds?
Surely clay pigeon and target shooting are sufficient to satisfy the urge to blast away with your mail order Winchester without a living animal in the crosshairs?

It is not to be imagined, however, that the Big Game Hunting lobby is without support. A view has emerged from the US Fish and Wildlife Service seemingly putting it on the side of the angels. Could not African nations put the money paid by rich Americans to hunt in their countries, towards conservation projects? Would not such money encourage them to take greater care of the wildlife stocks they already have, by for example stamping out illegal poaching?

Really? REALLY? What have reasoning people always known that has been confirmed first by the Panama and more recently, the Paradise Papers? .

Such money never trickles down. It in fact defies gravity to trickle UP into the secret offshore bank accounts of the seriously rich who already have too much money for the good of us, their fellow citizens. Goodbye elephants.

But hold. What light through yonder window breaks?

"Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!

12:47 AM - Nov 18, 2017"

Half Time.. .
Trumps 0. Elephants 1