13. Apr, 2017


“If it was up to me…”
As soon as I hear those six dreaded words I think it time to run for the hills. Idiocy is about to raise its ugly head, eg…
“If it was down to me I would send them all back to where they came from!”
Hmmm. Leaving aside the problem of defining who is an immigrant and who is not, i.e. when do “they” become “us” and the small matter of paying for sufficient forces to round up several million people, the cost of holding camps and of transportation…

The following is a piece of prose once passed onto me by one of my Luton Beech Hill students back in the 1970s. Thank you, Everton.

“Should any future Conservative, Powellite, or National Front (or UKIP DTF 2017) government succeed in repatriating immigrants, we will hope to return your emigrants to fill the vacancies.
“This would mean that for every West Indian or Indian deported, we could send you, on a fair statistical basis, as replacements, one ‘pakeha’ from New Zealand, four Canadians, half a South African white, part of a white Rhodesian, and no fewer than 50 American WASPS*.
“It should take some time for you to absorb the extra 200 million people involved, but there is no reason why, if phased in over a decent period and with sensible birth control measures being taken, England should not be an inclusive home of those who speak English and live in the English manner.”

(Ngata Te Korov. 1970)

*WASP = White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant.