11. Feb, 2017



Report of Commander Vaarg to the High Elders of Planet Scarov following her inter-galactic reconnaissance of Earth.
1. The inhabitants of Earth are at least a million years behind our own evolutionary level of technology, are of a different species and hopelessly divided amongst themselves.
2. Our vastly superior forces will quickly overcome their primitive defences and enable us to begin our programme of “Human Farming”.
3. They are well on their way to accepting this, judging by how they themselves treat the lower forms of animal life on their planet.
4. The population of Earth can be used as...
4.1. Sources of Protein.
Unwanted male/elderly offspring can be readily culled for the market. Slaughtering should be done humanely and tested to make sure there is nothing to enter the food chain and contaminate us. Keep the best of the male and all healthy female stock for breeding. Male infants look particularly succulent, well fitted for the table.
4.1.1. As the Earth people themselves discovered in treating livestock even lower in the food chain than themselves, herding them together in small pens will make feeding more economical. This Intensive Farming, by limiting their exercise will improve the quality of the meat and of course save space in the designated farming areas.
4.1.2. Although the humans come in a variety of colours they are all biologically the same species and taste the same, roasted, grilled, boiled, even raw.
4.2. Sources of Labour
Only the few brightest of them can perform any useful services for us, the rest only the most basic of tasks...carrying, watchmen, defence against others of their own species etc.
4.3. Sources of Amusement...
4.3.1. Excellent quarries to be hunted to the death
by dogs or shot by the planet’s own primitive fire arms.
4.3.2. Objects of Gambling…either being raced or pitted against each other in death-to-the-finish combat sports.
4.3.4. Household Pets. Treated kindly they could become loyal, trusting and valuable on the open market as willing slaves.
4.3.5. Laboratory experiment. They are expendable so use them as "Guineapeople" in medical experiments to safeguard ourselves as higher and therefore superior forms of life.

Marat Vaarg

Starship Commander,
Scarovian Deep Space Fleet
Star date 34521

In spite of the above, I am still a carnivore myself. I am avoiding having to answer the moral question, "If it is ok for me to eat animals, why should it not be ok for higher life forms to eat me?"
Truly, "conscience doth make cowards of us all."