4. Aug, 2016

So what happens at a Naturist Club? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYg3ssO0W2M

Firstly please note “NATURIST CLUB” not nudist camp…that term went out in the 1950s with “Carry on Camping” along with a lot of other old chestnuts…
-we call ourselves NATURISTS rather than nudists...the latter see social nakedness as an end in itself while we see it as a means to an end that I hope to make clear
-please forget all those risqué Donald McGill saucy postcard jokes...we have seen and heard them all
-we do not support the so-called naked rambler. He does not consider himself to be naturist. As far as anyone can make out his activity is down to an issue of personal freedom
-we do not go bare all the time...this is Britain with an emphasis on the BRRRRRR!
-Naturist etiquette is very simple…just look everyone in the eye and carry a towel to sit on.
-Nor am I here to regale you with stories of Greek godlike young people living in some Arcadian paradise, committing acts of sexual excess and performing Satanic Acts under a full moon.
If that would make the Sun, what actually happens would barely merit half a column in "People's Friend." Sorry to disappoint!
We simply believe that sex and social nakedness are two different things and that *NUDE AINT RUDE!”
So as a group, who are we?
1. We look you in the eye when we talk to you.
2. We respect you regardless of your size or shape
3. We respect you regardless of , age, gender, colour or sexual orientation.
4. We like you for yourself not the brand on your clothing
5. We don’t make rude or sexual comments to you or about you.
6. We enjoy meeting the real you and not the person you pretend to be
7. We come from all walks of life and all professions
8. We are friendly
9. We don’t think a nude body is a sexual statement
10. We are simply people like you but who prefer not wearing clothes.

I cannot speak for every naturist club, but I can speak for ours….