12. Jul, 2016

A New Statue of Liberty?

The image, taken by Jonathan Bachman for Reuters, shows a woman, who has been identified as Iesha L Evans, standing in a long dress in the face of a line of Louisiana state troopers dressed in riot gear outside of police headquarters. Evans looks calm and poised and almost seems to repel the two officers who are charging towards her.
A frequent saying is "There's nothing you can do about it!" Wrong! Like "Tank Man" in Tiannaman Squsre" before her, Iesha Evans demonstrates that there is. Although we may never be in such extreme circumstances as those two individuals and be called upon to show the same amount of moral courage in the face of physical force, there is much we can and have to do on a daily basis.
In everyday conversation when a racist remark is made by someone we know or we read what they have written on Facebook, do we let it pass? If we feel it to be morally wrong, do we have the courage to confront them about it? If in any minority, are we still prepared to fight our corners?
Iesha was.
Should the United States ever wish to replace the present Statue of Liberty with a newer and more relevant model,then with her
Grace, Beauty, Defiance and Strength
Iesha would surely be the ideal candidate.