2. Jul, 2016

What I Do

As I have got older I have learned one basic rule…“listen to your body.” Boredom can easily set in and Injuries that once healed in a month can now take a year, so prevention becomes infinitely more important than cure.
The main reason for both boredom and injury is repetitive stress…doing the same thing in the same way, day in and day out. My answer, come by the hard way is “Cross-training.”
I now train for five days out of seven…the other two being essential for recovery. My week’s schedule at the moment is as follows, 40 minutes of concentrated interval training per day preceded by a warm up and followed by warm down stretches….
Run 11 mins (3x3 mins, 1 Minute interval,or 20 mins steady on as wide a range of surfaces as possible other than road or track-treadmill, woodland path, parkland, beach etc.
Boxing c.30 mins Punchbag, callisthenics
Rowing Machine 11 minutes(3x3 mins, 1 Minute interval, or 20 mins steady
Boxing c 30mins Punchbag, callisthenics
Static Bike 11 minutes(3x3 mins, 1 Minute interval, or 20 mins steady
Boxing c 30mins Punchbag, callisthenics
Weight Training 10 minutes concentrated work out, dumbbells.
Boxing c 30mins Punchbag, callisthenics
Boxing a) Speedballs 11 minutes(3x3 mins, 1 Minute interval,
Boxing b) c 30mins Punchbag, callisthenics
If at the club and with access to the heated indoor pool, I will substitute any of the above non-boxing activities for a swim session doing my specialist back-stroke.

I almost certainly would if I had not discovered a superb online course…“Fight yourself Fit” that I would recommend to anyone…
I have downloaded a 12 week course and have ex-world champion Cornelius Carr coaching me punch for punch, move for move for the 30 minute daily sessions.
Although I cannot train as much as I did 50 years ago, I can still train as hard if only within the limits imposed by my 74 years of age. I wear a heart rate monitor so do nothing stupid nor have an excuse for skiving! I also know that each 40 minute session enables me to do 300-350 k.calories worth of effort. This is enough to give me a sound night’s sleep yet leave me ready for the next day’s activities…training, studying, taking photographs, reading, doing chores, shopping, going out, enjoying a bottle of red, meeting folks and very occasionally watching television.
However, if losing weight was my sole aim, I would be only too aware that of every 3lbs lost, only 1lb would be down to exercise, the other 2lbs to diet. That will follow.

Above. Me winning the Eastern Veterans 400m in the 65+ age group....and from the outside lane!

Having to take time out to enable my damaged knee to recover, I put on the weight that I became determined to lose. As ever Elizabeth supported me by deciding to do the same. Believing in “difr’nt strokes for difr’nt folks, we looked around for a diet that would suit us.
In our case it was the 5:2 Diet, ie for me , eat normally for 5 days and “fast” for 2 when I eat less than 600 calories. In effect this means going for one day per week without food. It was difficult at first but then I found myself not only coping but eating less on the non-fast days as well. So far I have lost 16lbs at 1lb per week. So has Elizabeth but she is the real hero…not being able to exercise at all.
The decrease in weight has enabled me to start running again and to find the other activities so much easier having lost the equivalent of eight bags of sugar.
Alas those teenage years of eating anything and in unlimited quantities without any weight increase have long since gone!

HOWEVER, A word of warning!
Should you be of my advanced years and crazy enough to try something similar, get checked out by a doctor first and treat yourself to a heart monitor.