30. Jun, 2016

Sixty Five Years an Athlete

I recently got a message from a subscriber…”Derek. You write in your Diary section about “training” but what do you actually do and where?
My Sporting background
I have been involved in sport since I started boxing at 10. At 13 I needed glasses so switched to my second choice of sport…track athletics. I then continued to compete until I was past my 65th birthday. (Apart from time taken out through injury, playing rugby and bike time-trialling. My right knee then decided it had had enough of hard tracks, even harder roads and the extreme stresses of training for competing over 200/400m.
I needed an alternative method of keeping fit so plumped for cross-training with an emphasis on my first love of boxing. (No, not to fight…not many men of my age and weight about, couldn’t get the insurance and besides, any damage I suffered in the ring would be as nothing should Elizabeth find out!)
A Gym
I did belong to an excellent gym in North Walsham but while we were nursing my late mother at home I just did not have the time to get there, hence PlanB…My Shed
I had an 8ftx6ft shed in the back garden, so could this be adapted to my needs? There was no doubt that it could, so I bought a rowing machine, a set of weights and bench, an indoor bike trainer, a tread mill and of course a punch bag and two speed balls. Because most of the kit is fold-up there is sufficient room for me to undertake multi-equipment training sessions even in that restricted space.
Incidentally, I managed to pay for it from what I saved in gym subscriptions within 10 months and 10 years later it is still standing me in good stead.
Outdoor Gym.
I also have an “outdoor” gym at Broadlands…Frame for my punch bag, weights, soft ground on which to run and of course an indoor heated swimming pool. (Running there also cuts down on the kit washing…)
Next time
So much for where I train…next time what I actually do and the dreaded diet!