29. Jun, 2016

The Bare Truth.

There are some amazing and amusing myths about Naturism but a visit to our club, www.broadlandsun.co.uk and/or  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYg3ssO0W2M should dispel all of them.

1. There are no wild orgies. It is strictly a family club and anyone guilty of unacceptable sexual behaviour will be instantly ejected, never to return. What would not be allowed on a textile (non-naturist) site is not allowed there.

2. There is no sexual arousal or as a friend of mine put it, “when you have seen one, you have seen them both “. There is more sexual interest shown at a textile pool where pieces of coloured ribbon are used to conceal folk’s “naughty bits” and so drawing attention to them.

3. Naturists are not all blessed with the body beautiful. We are of all ages, come in all shapes, sizes, states of decay but have no body issues. People are simply held to be more important than the bodies they live in.

4. Naturism is for all ages. At Broadlands we have had members ranging from 9 months to ninety. We also have a strict child safety policy with duly appointed officers. Children are only allowed with parents and/or grandparents.

5. We are not naked 24/7, after all the club is in Blighty (!) and different people have different tolerance levels of cold. My personal bottom limit is 15 Celsius, the limits of others might be higher or lower.

6. We do have sex, from where else would little naturists come? Like most textiles, we just believe there is a time and a place.

7. We like our privacy -like you in the bathroom- and the taking of unauthorised photographs of anyone is strictly forbidden.

8. Naturism is not actually illegal away from private clubs. For guidance about here in the UK, check up with British Naturism, www.bn.org.uk

9. Because “adult” websites insist on bracketing “Naturism” with Pornography is neither our fault nor our wish.
10. We are the same as you and like doing what you do except that when the conditions are right we prefer doing it without clothes. If you do not believe me, you can always give it a try, remembering you only take off the clothing you are comfortable with taking off- no more, no less.