27. Jun, 2016

Deja Vue?

Long term economic decline caused by two world wars.

Widespread disillusion with the democratic process...both politics and politicians

A political party aiming to take advantage of this situation. A potential leader of a perceived charisma sadly lacking in the rank and file.

A manifesto containing ideas lifted from left and right to appear as all things to all men to take advantage of the situation.

A clearly identifiable racial minority to blame for all the ills in society

Unchallenged simplistic answers to complex problems

A potential coalition partner with traditional right wing parties

Financial backing from the wealthiest 1% in the country who own more than the poorest 55% put together and who own 80% of the press

Main support from firstly, areas of high unemployment and low education where indigenous citizens feel or are encouraged to feel under threat from aliens and secondly from others of xenophobic and racist inclinations elsewhere who should know better..

Near collapse of a parliamentary opposition

An unexpected constitutional crisis

German Wiemar Republic, soon to be Hitler's, 1932?
The UK, My country, 2016?