5. Dec, 2017


We were passing the extensive road works that will be the Norwich outer ring road. A fellow passenger leant across and told me that "they" had got it wrong. "They" should have chosen route B and not route A. What do "they" know? "They" don't have to live here. "They" might have all the qualifications but you can't beat common sense. Didn't I agree?

(So ended our visit to Eastbourne as described in a previous daily blog.)

A diatribe we have often heard and to which it is all too easy not to respond.

I did.

What follows in dialogue form is a true and faithful account of the ensuing conversation which would not have occured had I not been provoked into making a response. (M=Me; H=Him).

M. Depends on who you mean by "them."
H. The planners. Who else?
M. But isn't it the County Council who have the final say?
H. That lot? They are all in it for what they can get out of it!
M. You may well be right, so please where is your proof? (Silence... definitely pregnant). Wife of H clearly fed up with having heard it all before, smiled encouragingly in my direction). I continued...

‎M. So getting back to the ring road, are you saying the Council and the Civil Engineers have not researched the project? (Wife of H now positively beaming),
‎H. I am not saying that. Research or not, I have as much right to express my opinion as them and it is just as good.
‎M. Indeed you have, but tell me... If your appendix should burst at this moment,
‎H. (With smile of superiority), I've already had it out!
‎M. (With exaggerated patience..If you STILL HAD your appendix and it burst what would you prefer? Us getting you to the N&N hospital into the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon or me going in with my rusty penknife?
‎H. But that's different!

‎Wife of H now laughing openly as they leave the vehicle.

Still wondering how Trump got elected or Brexit came about?