15. Nov, 2017


"America First!" Donald Trump.

"Britain First!" The Brexiters.
"Stop Foreign Aid!" The Daily Express.
"Charity Begins at Home!" The Dentist's wife.
"F**k the lot of 'em!" Joe down the pub.

Around the shores of the British Isles there some remarkable communities- those who full time or as volunteers serve the RNLI..The Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Picture this...Cromer Lifeboat Station, in North Norfolk. It is a foul day with a strong sou' westerly blowing.

The lifeboat crew get a shout from the coastguard. A passenger vessel with many school parties aboard is in grave difficulties 40 miles out.

Businesses, professional responsibilities, families are immediately abandoned in answer to the call. Running feet are heard pounding the timber planks of the pier to get to the lifeboat shed at the end.
Doors are flung open, gear is donned. The boat is poised at the top of the runway. The full crew is eager to rescue children and crew...

...But everything comes to a sudden halt.

Is the stricken ship and/or its passengers British?

"If not, why should we risk our safety and resources to rescue foreigners?"

"Should we not aid only British vessels and leave the rest to manage as best they can, regardless of children aboard?"

What do you think POTUS Trump?
You Brexiters?
Mr. Daily Express editor?
Mrs Dentist's wife
and you, Joe, down the pub?

Thirty miles further down the Norfolk coast there is another life boat station at Gorleston. A nineteenth century lifeboat there, was named "FRIEND OF ALL NATIONS." but with your outlook wouldn't you have considered it more appropriate to rename it the "BUGGER YOU, I'M ALRIGHT?"

"There will be no justice in Athens until those who are not hurt are as inddignant as those that are."