27. Oct, 2017


   I was but a (very) callow youth when first I grasped the content of the four previous days’ blogs and it kindled the anger I have never since lost. However, thanks to Higher Education, travel, reading and personal internet contacts I have been made to understand that this is not unique to the UK.
Far from it. Governments across the world are wedded to that same capitalist ideology that has failed, leading as it does to the dole queue, the scramble for markets and war. Those espousing collectivism of the fascist right or the communist left have achieved nothing but the concentration camp, leader worship and war.
 It was at that point that my allegiance switched to people everywhere, regardless of nationality, location, gender, sexuality, colour, creed and age who believe that hope for the world lays in a planned economy and freedom of thought.

And my own country? Is there still anything distinctive and utterly unique about it… something(s) to which no other nation might lay claim? Playwright John Mortimer certainly thought so. This in the words of his creation, that immortal Old Bailey hack… Horace Rumpole…

“Long after the British Isles have sunk back into the primordial slime from whence they came, England will be remembered for three things: the Full English Breakfast, the Oxford Book of Verse and the Presumption of Innocence.”

Was he that far from the mark?

(Before grabbing your pitch forks, burning brands and crucifixes and making you way upto the gothic castle on the hill, I am only asking, not prescribing!)