21. Oct, 2017



Thales of Miletus (c.624-c.546 BC) was a man great in wisdom but poor in riches.. 

Constantly questioning the value of wealth, there were those that sneered at him saying he was like the fox that dismissed some high hanging grapes as too sour to eat because it could not reach them.

Thales said nothing, and just quietly went about his business. His deep knowledge of the natural world had enabled him to predict a bumper olive harvest for the next summer so that winter he hired every single olive press for miles around.

Sure enough, the harvest was the heaviest on record but when the growers sought presses they were all told the same thing..."You will have to hire from Thales."

Much to the envy of his detractors, having a total monopoly on the olive pressing process, Thales accumulated incredible wealth - and at the end of the season...promptly gave it all away.