9. Oct, 2017


DAMNED FOREIGNERS- The Bulldog spirit that brought about Brexit.

Today found us on a coach with thirty or so contemporaries-all retirees and us apart, serious students of Express, Mail and and Sun. In other words those with nothing to look forward to but the past as they think it once was.

We pulled into a motorway stop for a break. Enter three minibuses of Dutch sixteen year old students and their teachers.

They were well behaved if excited. Leaving the cafe they made for their minibuses, teachers at the rear. One of the lads was carrying a paper cup of coffee and on the blind side of staff committed the unpardonable sin of leaving it on the ground under his minibus.

This was being minutely observed by six of our number from inside our coach. Recognising the language on the side of the bus, one fellow hi hissed, "They're Dutch!"

This brought forth howls of execration, "That is no way to treat OUR country,. "Bloody foreigners come over here and behave how they like!" "I bet they don't act like that in their own country chucking litter about like that!". Where were their teachers to control them, eh?

To recap...ONE boy dumped ONE coffee cup but suddenly through blind prejudice he had become the whole Dutch nation.

The mini buses departed leaving behind the offending carton. Significantly not one of the mortally offended six got off the bus to retrieve the piece of litter and drop it the nearby bin.

Their patriotic righteousness clearly did not extend beyond expelling their pent up prejudice against a child from behind a reinforced glass window. But like Brexit itself, really.