3. Oct, 2017



I would like to sincerely extend my sympathy to all families affected by the recent shooting.

I would also like to express my gratitude for living in a society where policemen do not carry guns and where firearms can only be obtained with extreme difficulty by non-criminal elements of the population.

However, we do have highly trained and well equipped police Armed Response Units who are only called upon as a last resort. Other officers will be armed at times of national terrorist emergency. If called upon you use their weapons they will shoot to kill- no Wild West Show incapacitation rounds.

The Police Federation back this balance, as do I. Whatever the political slant of a society there will always be an element prepared to put other people’s lives at stake in pursuit of gain. This also means that strict democratic control over the use of such force is essential and must remain open to the Courts.
No one, but no one, for whatever reason, is above the Law!