1. Oct, 2017


I recently wrote a blog entry about the UK's illusion that somehow we are good at international sport. (see Blog 1).  I concluded that we are not, but it is still important...as a form of cross-border rivalry it certainly wins by a thick edge over the First World War.

It also gives the best of the best a chance to test themselves against allcomers (50 years ago) and now to also make a great deal of money, (afterall it is their performances that pull in the punters, not shadowy agests nor organisers).

As I write this, the great Scottish Run is in progress with elite athletes and many thousands of club and fun runners.  A hundred years ago, the latter would have been confined to watching from grandstands, river banks and race courses  not just the physical but the social elite in competition.  Now we do it for ourselves.  What a social revolution that represents- for many, but alas far from all... better living conditions, less hours worked, better pay, access to better if not good education,  increased longevity etc.

GREAT! But, none of those advances have been given to us, the people, out of kindness.  Every advance has had to fought for, sometimes by mass action and sometimes dedicated individuals at great personal cost. 

If you see the conclusion to the great Scottish Run or any other mass-participation events...PLEASE REMEMBER THAT.